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::: keith haring ::::::::::::::

if i could be any other artist it would have to be keith.

::: jean michel basquiat ::::::::::::::

such raw emotional vulnerability on canvas. what more could you ask for in a dead artist?

::: miguel arias ::::::::::::::

SF artist doing right! fine art illustrations from the heart.

::: banksy ::::::::::::::

uk artist that inspires me more and more every day.

::: mark ryden ::::::::::::::

artist from sierra madre, ca. very cool art. i just can't pass up art with cuts of beef in it.

:::: yuka ::::::::::::::

my fabulous friend yuka makes the cutest purses, characters and pieces of art, you just want to scoop them up and bop them on the head!

:::: mari naomi ::::::::::::::

local artist from SF and good art buddy. we do shows together from time to time.

:::: bikini kat ::::::::::::::

miss flower frankenstein at your service! we do the castro street fair together. she rocks!

:::: chris fabbri :::::::::::

art, music, tap dancing. it's all the same to chris. check out what he's doing in the streets of san francisco!

:::: jordan quintero ::::::::::::::

We did a group show together in 2008 and I fell in love with his work. lace boxing gloves and knitted jock straps mixed with video installation and needlepoint! Don't miss one of his shows if you hear about it! Click here for his blog.




:::: radiohead ::::::::::::::

just the greatest band on the planet. 'nuf said.

:::: pj harvey ::::::::::::::

the official rock goddess! the best singer song writer i've ever heard.

:::: bjork ::::::::::::::

saw her spin at the stud last wednesday. it was hot!

:::: von iva ::::::::::::::

local SF band that rocks the house. and they are all just the coolest chicks!

:::: le tigre ::::::::::::::

i love me some ex riot grrl electro fabulousness! these girls rock!

:::: cez ::::::::::::::

my dj extraordinaire! i found him first. he's mine! originally from south london, my mate cez rocks the house with the best

:::: fierce perm ::::::::::::::

its the gossip meets the B-52's, only with more tits and whiskey!



:::: chickenhead.com ::::::::::::::

great website with loads of great wallpaper you can download. great stories about naked picnics, satanism and the nra!

:::: dlisted.com ::::::::::::::

where i keep abreast of all the latest hollywood gossip.