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Chew Chew
"Chew Chew" ::: 24" x 30"
Acrylic on canvas with vintage Star Wars toys in background. Land Speeder, Twin Pod Cloud Car and a remote controlled R2D2
::: June 2012

1800 Tequila released this video of all of the bottles of the winners of the design contest, including one by me! Mine is 2nd in the video.

Where you can see my art now!!

June thru August- Street Walking- SOLO show at De La Sole! 549 Castro St. Opening Reception Thursday June 21st 5-9pm featuring DJ Trevor Sigler.

June thru August- These Friends of Mine- SOLO show at Squat and Gobble! 1428 Haight @ Ashbury.

Coming in July - SOLO show at Moby Dick in the Castro.


San Francisco artist danyol was born in 1970 in Orange County, California just a stone’s throw away from Disneyland. Growing up he nourished himself on a steady diet of pop art, cubism, and sarcasm. danyol’s use of his own life and surroundings combine to form a dizzying combination of colors, patterns, and textures. These are then masked out by definitive figures and shapes, somehow bringing some definition to his chaos. While bright and smile inducing on initial viewing, look closely at the found objects collaged in the background; they leave hints as to the deeper meaning of the painting. Look at it from one angle and it is seemingly straight forward, but look from another angle in different lighting, and the painting becomes much more.

 While using equal parts nostalgia and current events together, danyol’s pop-influenced mixed media paintings explore the liminal spaces between surface and emotion; gender role, responsibility and reality; along with other inconsistencies in our fragile social fabric.

 “I want to bring part of my everyday life into my art and show people that there is beauty in the mundane, harmony in the abstract and power in the inspiration.”

 “It’s like Warhol having dinner with Tex Avery with light carnival music playing in the background.” homeless person outside my show.


Here is a video of me painting two pieces start to finish. 2007